Designers & Agencies




If you design websites for your clients and you currently outsource the build phase to a developer, then Sketchanet could save you time and money, and put you in control of the whole lifecycle of the project. 


It is also a great option for those small jobs that would otherwise not have quite enough budget to be worth doing - you don't need to pay a coder so the  budget will go further.

Sketchanet platform advantages




The Sketchanet platform takes a unique approach to website creation.


As designers we can use it to create practically any layout we want. There are no fixed templates so anything we create can be modified at any time now or in future and can evolve with the business.


As a content management system you get to edit the website exactly as a visitor would see it. This is super-intuitive and in stark contrast to some of the other popular CMS platforms.

No coding necessary




...and no set up or hosting headaches


Sketchanet handles all of the coding for your website automatically. As you create it using our WYSIWYG interface, the markup and styling is automatically generated. In fact, in the editor you see exactly what a visitor would see on the front end, only you have controls for manipulating the design, styling, and content.


Depending on how you like to work, it is entirely feasible to design a website directly in Sketchanet. Once you are finished hit PUBLISH and the site is live on the web - hosted on our rock solid platform built on Amazon AWS.


Clone power



One of the most powerful features in Sketchanet is the ability to clone just about anything. At the click of a button, you can clone parts of a page, entire pages, or even entire websites that you have created. For example, lets say you need 5 similar websites - create the first one, then clone it 4 times and in the space of a few minutes you have 5 identical live websites. Then you can just swap the copy and media as appropriate. This is a huge time saver.


No template




Totally flexible layout and design at any time even after your site has been built. Great for making changes further down the line and keeping your site fresh.


Intuitive Content

Management System



Edit a page just like a visitor sees it. Click and type to edit text, click on an image to replace.









Preview exactly how your website will look to visitors before publishing your changes.


Fully responsive




It is impossible to make a Sketchanet site that does not automatically adjust its layout to best fit different sized devices.







Sketchanet scales automatically offering you a hosting platform that would usually cost you hundreds of pounds a month.



Super-smart responsive

media delivery 



Images are served up from the closest data centre to your visitor (globally) and only the most appropriate resize is delivered. This makes your site faster.



Case studies



If you are a designer or design agency whose focus is on design, and would otherwise outsource the build phase of a client's website, then Sketchanet provides an ideal solution that allows you to keep control of the entire project lifecycle in house, and importantly to significantly reduce costs.